“If my journey from the bottom of a river to the heights of heaven revealed anything to me, it is that God is not only real and present in our world, but that He knows each one of us by name, loves each one of us as though we were the only person on Earth, and has a plan for each of us that is more significant and rewarding than anything we can dare to imagine on our own.”

Dr. Mary Neal, 7 Lessons from Heaven



“God exists. God loves everyone unconditionally. God has a delightful sense of humor. So do the angels, guides, and spiritual beings that serve The Light. We should too. We should also lighten up and not take life so seriously. We are immortal, indestructible beings. The pursuit of money, fame, and power do not lead to happiness. Love and serve others: humans, animals, plants, everything. Remember the little things — the kind word, the understanding smile, the compassionate touch — are the big things. Small, heartfelt acts of love change lives and ripple across the universe. While there is evidence everywhere to the contrary, train your mind to look beneath the surface and see the truth: life is good; the world is a beautiful place and you, complete with your human weaknesses and shortcomings, are magnificent. You are known, loved, and cherished. You are unique, essential, and irreplaceable. You have a special role to play in the grand scheme of things. When you find and follow your unique path, which is different from everyone else’s, magic happens. No matter how many times you try and fail; no matter how far you may be from embodying your full Divine Nature, you will eventually succeed. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. And always remember you are never alone, even when your earthly senses tell you otherwise.”

Universal Truths by David Sunfellow (based on the core truths championed by near-death experiences from around the world)


NDE Stories


Some of the most inspiring, informative, and deeply compelling near-death experiences (and related phenomena) ever recorded. Names marked with an * are people who have passed over to the other side.


The greyed out links/stories below are located here:

• NDE Stories Website
NHNE’s Legacy Formula Website


• Julian of Norwich *
• Emanuel Swedenborg *
• Harriet Tubman (The Black Moses) *
• Walter Russell (The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe) *
• Bill Wilson (The Founder Of Alcoholics Anonymous, Recounts His Spiritual Awakening) *
• Carl Jung’s Near-Death Experience *
• Were Edgar Cayce’s Abilities Triggered By An NDE? *
• Etty Hillesum, The Mystic Of The Holocaust *
• May, James & Rashad – A Shared Near-Death Experience *
• The End-of-Life Epiphany of Roger Ebert *
• Celebrity Near-Death Experiences

• Operation Chop-Chop (Tom Sawyer) *
• I Am God & God Is Me (Mary Deioma)
• Mary Reed: God, Jesus, and Buddha
• Terminal Lucidity – The Case of Anna (Kathe) Ehmer *
• Uncle Calvin
• The Favorite Son

• Raymond Moody’s Suicide & Near-Death Experience
• Kimberly Sharp Clark’s Near-Death Experience
• Mary W Describes Her Near-Death-Like Experience
• A Child’s Near-Death Experience That Covers All The Bases
• Ingrid Honkala’s Near-Death Experience
• The Near-Death Of A Child
• Medical Medium Anthony William
• Dr. Yvonne Kason: What I Learned From My Four Near-Death Experiences
• Ari Hallmark Meets Family In Heaven After They Die In A Tornado

Anita Moorjani
Amy Call
Eben Alexander
Mellen-Thomas Benedict *
• Cami Renfrow
• Natalie Sudman
• Jeff Olsen
• Howard Storm
• Alon Anava
• Hila Baruch
• Tricia Barker
• Chris Batts
• Louisa Peck
• Barbara Harris Whitfield
• Mary Neal
• Peter Panagore
• Angie Fenimore
• Colton Burpo
• Yvonne Sneeden
• George Ritchie *
• Ed Salisbury
• Ian McCormack
• Anne Horn
• Duane S
• Don Piper
• Mickey Robinson
• Andy Petro
• Jessica Haynes
• Mary Jo Rapini
• Beverly Brodsky
• Reinee Pasarow *
• David Bennett
• Raymond Kinman
• Vicki Noratuk
• David Milarch
• PMH Atwater
• Dannion Brinkley
• George Rodonaia *
• Betty Eadie
• Angie Fenimore
• Nancy Evans Bush

Index Of Near-Death Experiences Mentioned On This Website

• Mary W (Near-Death-Like Experience)
• Debra Kaiser
• Ingrid Honkala
• Walter Russell
• Marie Grace B. (Spiritually Transformative Experience)
• Yvonne Kason
• Samuel Bercholz
• Anthony William
• Raymond Moody
• Alon Anava
• Peter Panagore
• Julie Aubierre
• Mary Deioma (Spiritually Transformative Experience)
• Mary Reed

Miraculous Healings Section

• Anita Moorjani
• Eben Alexander
• Bruce Van Natta
• Anne N
• Mellen-Thomas Benedict
• Annabel Beam
• Jessica Haynes
• Will Barton
• Kevin Becker

Encounters with Angels Section

• Howard Storm
• Former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk
• Mary Neal
• Sally F
• Linda Stewart
• Tricia Barker
• George Ritchie
• Nancy Rynes
• Cecil Willy
• Lisa Bowdoin
• Anthony Russo
• Lorna Byrne
• Emmanuel Swedenborg

The Power of Prayer Section

• Eben Alexander
• Anthony M
• Cami Renfrow
• Derry Bresee
• Karen Blance Thomas
• Chief Petty Officer Tony Woody
• Ned Dougherty
• Casper
• Tara S.
• Peter Panagore
• Howard Storm
• Lorna Bryne
• Nancy Rynes

The Power of Humor Section

• John K
• Leonard
• Brain T
• Terry E
• Carry G
• George E
• Lee Thornton
• Victor B
• Odell H
• Andrew P
• Andy Petro
• Harnish Miller
• Former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk
• Jo B
• Mary Jo Rapini
• Florence W
• Amy Call
• Ana Cecilia G

Purpose of Life Section

• Howard Storm
• Heather V
• Julie Aubier
• Amy Call
• Anne Horn
• Nancy Rynes
• Chris Markey
• Dr. Mary Neal
• Duane S
• Beverly Brodsky
• Natalie Sudman
• Deborah L
• Barbara S
• Helen D
• Teri R
• Karen Blance Thomas
• Jean R
• Oliver John Calvert
• Ryan Rampton
• Anita Moorjani
• Rachel E
• Nicole Dron
• Angie Fenimore
• Mellen-Thomas Benedict
• Cami Renfrow
• Malla
• Sherry Goodman
• Laura M
• Jeff Olsen
• Romy
• Amphianda Baskett
• Ursula Schulenburg
• Herrn Schoss

Importance of Nature Section

• Justin U
• Chamisa H
• Alexa H
• Mohammad Z
• Scott H
• Maria TK
• Carmel B
• Carlos K
• Tricia Barker
• David Brooks
• Phil S

Hellish Near-Death Experiences Section

• Howard Storm
• Samuel Bercholz
• Nancy Evans Bush
• P.M.H. Atwater
• Emanuel Swedenborg
• Arthur Yensen
• Sandra Rogers
• Mellen-Thomas Benedict
• Malla
• Cathleen C
• Frances Z
• Dr. Rajiv Parti
• Angie Fenimore
• Randall Rathbun

NDEs that Predict the End of the World Section

• Natan
• Deputy Marty Breeden
• Kathy Baker
• Nicole Dron
• Reinee Pasarow
• Alon Anava
• Howard Storm

NDEs Not Caused By Malfunctioning Brains Section

• Pam Reynolds
• Kimberly Clark
• Thetus Tenney
• Louisa Peck

Historical & Cross-Cultural Section

• Emanuel Swedenborg
• Admiral Beaufort
• Black Elk
• Kalima
• Arthur Yensen

Celebrity Section

• Tracy Morgan
• Clint Walker
• Bill Clinton
• Jane Seymor
• Peter Sellers
• Elizabeth Taylor
• Robert Pastorelli
• Sharon Stone
• Gary Busey
• Della Reese
• Larry Hagman
• Sally Kirkland
• William Petersen
• Tony Bennett
• Donald Sutherland
• Eric Estrada
• Burt Reynolds
• James Cromwell
• Chevy Chase
• Lou Gossett Jr.
• Eric Roberts
• Rebecca DeMornay
• Ozzy Osbourne
• George Lucas


Outstanding NDEs

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