Near-death experiences explain, in dramatic and crystal clear detail, the purpose of life…


Our Job On Earth Is Important; Our Worth Is How Much We Can Love
Near-Death Experiencer Heather V

“At the end of this tunnel was the most beautiful place in existence. I seemed to have arrived back in the room but in another dimension. I was looking at everyone and everything in that hospital through what I can only describe as ‘through the eyes of God.’ I felt the Love of God for all these people in the hospital; the patients, the staff, and the receptionist. I never saw my own life, but I saw everyone else’s life pass before my eyes. I saw the receptionist and everything about her. I saw her heart. I felt her love for her babies. I felt her pain and her thoughts. I saw the technician and everything in his life right then. I saw each person for who they really truly were. I saw what motivated them and I saw their beautiful soul-full hearts. I saw their souls as if through the eyes and heart of God. I saw them and I loved them, each and every person. I seemed to pull back from the room and up, out of the building. I saw people on the street and knew their pain. I saw them with pure love.

“Then I began getting an information download. There was no talking, just information going into me with absolute love. It was very clear, very loud, and very certain, that WE ARE ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD. We are all deeply, deeply loved by God and that life is supposed to be hard but that it is some sort of proving ground for God to create him. The message was that our lives are deeply important to God and to the existence of the universe. Our Love we have and the love we cultivate on Earth, especially for people we have a hard time liking, that love somehow expands the universe and does some very important things. I felt that there was something at stake, that we have a very important job to do. Human beings are beloved and our choice in how to act is given to us to prove God. I don’t know how to describe it. I am trying hard to explain it here but it’s hard to explain. It may take my lifetime to explain what I learned.

“Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning. Absolutely. There didn’t seem to be the concept of time in this forever-land. Although it seemed like things moved, which doesn’t make sense to Newtonian physics or to Einstein’s postulates, this place was a magnificent creation. It was ineffable and reminds me of how does one explain the beauty of Mozart’s symphony? But I felt it in its entirety as it was. It seems like when we create beauty on Earth, it is being manifest in Heaven. When we sing on earth, it is amplified to the golden ratio in Heaven where it becomes like manna, although in this place there is no hunger or thirst. There is just truth and satisfaction.

“[I understood] everything about the universe. We are important to God or whatever you want to call It. All religions are trying to explain God but it is just impossible to explain. A true heart which is motivated by loving compassion is what matters in life. Our job is to try to love one another no matter what. It matters very much if we can love or not because that is our job in this world. We must love! This is what we live for and it doesn’t mean we must only love our spouse. It means we need to find out how to love our enemy because that is why we are here. We are also deeply important to God. Our job on Earth is important. If we don’t learn how to love there are very bad consequences in the multiverse. My sense was strongly that we are needed and our worth is how much we can love.

“Yes, I could see the distinction between our life and this other place. The wall between the two worlds is but a filament, thin as a piece of baby’s hair. The love we seek is right there resonating right outside us. We need only to call on it. The world here on Earth is not supposed to have all this beauty from the other side. We are supposed to bring the beauty to this world with our love. That is what it needs, human love to bring it into a new consciousness.

“In this place we go to, we will have lightness, laughter and joy, and our soul family is there waiting for us. Our jobs on Earth are to find out how to break through all these illusory walls everywhere that we erect to hide who we are. We need to really love each other and love ourselves. I felt as though there was a sense of humor too. I was like a deep appreciation for our lives and even for our failures. We are supposed to learn from our failures and not beat ourselves up over them. We find a way to forgive and love ourselves because in reality, in the real place of creation, there is only love. It seemed the message was that if we couldn’t find a path to love, then we are destroying something very, very precious.

“My formerly wavering belief in God now is rock solid. It is totally complete without a doubt. That place is the real reality, that place I went to is not this place. This is some kind of proving ground.

“I know, that whomever is reading this, you are deeply loved. Your life is deeply important to God. God is greater than anything you could ever even fathom — too great for me to even experience. I just felt the presence of God and His love. You, my dear person reading this, are important. Your life is critical. The love you have inside you is beautiful and brilliant and it is needed on this Earth. You can change this world with your love, which is entirely particular to you only. You have your own song.”


Turn Fear, Anger, Selfish Greed And Gloating Pride Into Love And Compassion For All Life
Near-Death Experiencer Louisa Peck

“My mission, I have come to understand, is to overcome the egoic challenges that all humans face. With humor and humility, we’re here to turn fear, anger, selfish greed and gloating pride into love and compassion for all life.”


Why We Are Here
NDEr Julie Aubier

“When I was 19, I [was] violently attacked and I had a near-death experience. I completely left my body. First, I saw myself… [from] the corner of the room… I was looking [down] at myself… At that moment, I saw my aggressor, I saw what was happening, but I already had no conflict, no judgement about what was happening. I [could] see the perfection of the situation even though it was a horrible situation.

“Then, suddenly, I became the whole frickin universe. I didn’t go through a white light. I didn’t have beings coming and waiting for me on the other side. I didn’t have a voice telling me whatever things I needed to hear. I became the whole universe. I became superconsciousness. I became part of everything and I became everything. I had total clarity and understanding of everything. I could travel and go anywhere I wanted to go. I was extremely free and fearless and eternal. I didn’t have a body, but it felt as if I had a body. There was no one with me, but I didn’t feel alone. And I felt like I [had done] this shit so many times.

“I was kind of happy to be back there, BUT the thing that was very interesting; the thing that helped me remember why I came on this planet and who I am — I understood very clearly that coming on the planet was me experiencing a lot of things that I was NOT in order to remember who I was. To understand cold, I had to go through heat, or to understand warmth, I had to go through cold. I understood very clearly as well that being human entitles me to do things that when I am dead, out of my body, I cannot do. Things like drinking a glass of water and this is actually my favorite drink since I came back. I love to drink water. It’s always the most mystical experience I’ve ever had in my life. The pleasure that I have when I’m drinking a glass of water, with my eyes closed, is just out of this world. So drinking a glass of water. Eating my favorite food. Feeling the wind on my skin or the rain on my skin. Swimming naked in the river or in the ocean. Hearing birds singing. Having a beautiful kiss. Making love. Even though there all these different ways of experiencing ecstasy [while you are] out of your body, the ones that you experience in your flesh are unbelievable. It has to be experienced without attachment, but with pure, total grace, becoming one with the moment, becoming one with the kiss, one with the water, one with the wind, one with the sun, one with birds, one with the people that come in front of you.

“I understood as well that I was one with everything; I was the water and I was the mouth that was drinking the water. That every up and down that I experience would teach me something to expand, unless I chose, through free will, to resist what I was going through.

“So to me this lifetime is about taking care and cherishing and giving thanks for every little opportunity that I have to experience life in 3D. I know I am eternal; I’m not afraid of death. That’s why I am fearless as well. That’s why I think and I say what I think. That’s why I don’t kiss no ass. That’s why I don’t obey laws and rules that put us in a box and force us to all be the same. I’ve never been like that. That’s why I am one with every mother that cries, every child that is afraid, and every man that gives his life to save another. I am part of all of those people, whatever nation, and country, and status they are. I see the emptiness in most of the people, I see their fear because they don’t remember. But if you could only know what I know, you would never take for granted any moment in your life, even the difficult times.

“Life is really a school. It’s a school to help you remember. A lot of us came as benevolent souls to answer a call. Not necessarily to raise the vibration, but mostly to help others remember who they are; to become the foundation of what is yet to come. Because you see, evolution is going to happen with or without us. Humankind is going to get more enlightened and conscious with or without us. We are here because we are the foundation as multi-dimensional beings who live in time-line reality. We can change everything by our presence and desires by what we focus on, what we choose to feed, what we choose to give life to. This is a century where we are going to see women taking their place and being a lot more respected and taken care of.

“One thing for sure that I can tell you is that I was an atheist before I had my near-death experience. I still don’t follow any religion, but my intuitive skills, my clairvoyance, my ability to see through the bullshit and the lies and the illusion is unbelievable. And it has been like this since I came back. Afterwards, I had a few other mystical experiences that confirmed [my abilities]… It was hard for me originally to understand what happened to me. And I’m a rebel. Even if God came to me and told me, “You are here to save the world,” I’m going to say, “Yeah, fuck that; I’m going to go the other way.”

“Or if He says, “Watch your words and watch your thoughts because everything you say manifests. You are a goddess; you are here to co-create with every word that you use.” I would still go and do the exact opposite. But because I have experienced the opposite that I know the power of my attention. I know that each and every time that I focused my attention on something I didn’t want, I created it. I created a lot of shit! And I am accountable for that. I want you to remember that.

“You are here to live this present moment through the eye of a child; through innocence and purity. Every judgement that you have, every time you close your heart, you hurt a little bit of your soul, but you’re going to be alright. Even at the end of it, no one is going to judge you but yourself. You will be accountable for everything you’ve done here. But not accountable like you are going to be punished. It is not going to happen like that. You are going to be accountable [because] you will understand and see what did and what you should have done. And you, from the love of who you are; the immense love that you are, you will want to do something about it and you will not allow it to not be corrected and fixed by yourself…

“So love your life. Love every part of it. Understand that you are Divine. You are the whole universe. You are connected to all that is. You are necessary here. The quicker you find peace within and love yourself, the quicker you are going to make this world a beautiful place. And it’s going to happen whether you want it or not.”


True Learning Happens In The Body
NDEr Amy Call (2014 IANDS Presentation – 25:38-26:35)

“True learning happens in the body. This is a big deal to me personally because so much of my life was about wanting to escape the body and wanting that for other people. I also grew up hearing that when you die you get to take off that glove; you get to be free and so I thought that here [in this world] is the more negative, that there [on the other side of life] is the more positive. The understanding in this place — as hard as it is to see and understand — is that true learning happens within the body because when we are in experience, in this form, there is something that evolves within us at the level of the soul that makes the body an important part of the whole. It isn’t that one is good and one is bad. The two work together in an important way. That was very healing for me personally, to come to a better understanding.”


Part Of You Is Choosing And Participating

“…it seemed no sooner than I’d arrived there that [my mother] told me I couldn’t stay, that I had to go back. That really upset me. You wouldn’t know it by how I’m always joking about things, but my life is not that easy. My husband, he’s a good man, but he’s not always an easy man to live with. He’s pretty hard to please, so I really didn’t want to come back, quite honestly. I don’t want him to know that, but it would have been so much easier to stay there where I was, with my mother. So I was not happy at all when she told me I had to go back. I was pretty sad really. I even tried pleading with her to let me stay. I told her, ‘It’s my life, I should get to choose. I should have a say-so.’ Then she told me, ‘It’s not that you don’t get to choose. Part of you, in fact, is choosing and participating in this decision. It would be easy for you to choose to stay here, but you understand on a level you can’t quite comprehend just now that there is more from your family relationships you need to experience and learn. And more they need to learn from you. When choosing is not an act of escape but an act of completion, then you will stay.’ I knew what she said was true, but in that moment, it didn’t make it any easier…”

— A patient discussing what she learned during her NDE in Dr. Laurin Bellg’s book Near Death in the ICU: Stories from Patients Near Death and Why We Should Listen to Them


I Asked God For It!
Near-Death-Like Experiencer Mary W

He let me ask Him questions. My only question was how could He give me the parents I had? How could he forget all about me and leave me so alone to work my way through those years? What was He thinking!? I have to admit I was pretty angry. He showed me why I had the parents, childhood and life I had experienced. I asked Him for it!!! I chose this life because I wanted to learn those lessons. Everything was so clear to me — I had to go through it all to learn what I needed to learn and be able to continue my work here. He never left me alone and I could see in hindsight that He was always with me. I was making many wrong choices because I wasn’t listening to or trusting myself. I was spending too much time comparing myself to others. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing. I felt like a little mouse in a maze trying to find my way but I wasn’t getting anywhere. By what I was shown I understood that Earth is school and when we are done we have a “Life Review” and then we get to graduate and go back Home. The whole experience was amazing because I felt like my brain had been opened up to the whole universe. Everything made so much sense. The lesson was so simple — it’s all about love. How much God loves us, and how well we learn to love others and ourselves during this life on Earth, despite what we have to go through in our lives.

When my Life Review was over, He placed in front of me why we come to Earth. I was so amazed. I was floored at how important we all are to God — especially how important I was to God. I didn’t think He knew I even existed. All the years I was beating myself up and His question to me was “Why would I go through all the trouble to make you just the way you are if I wanted you to try and be like someone else?” No one else could do the job I came here to do the way He wanted me to do it! That is why it is so important that we not be so judgmental of each other. Some of us are here to teach, some to learn and some to do both. I had to learn to listen to my heart.

Then He asked me if wanted to stay on Earth or go with Him. Wow, I get a choice? It would have been much easier on me if He had not given me the choice but had made the choice for me. I didn’t want to make the choice.

Making this decision was an amazing process. I understood that my children had known coming into this life that there was a possibility they could lose me at an early age. I knew that my family would learn to overcome this lesson and God would take good care of them. I knew He would take good care of me! That was easy — I was going! But He didn’t like my answer so He showed me what I still had left to do — the whole reason I came to Earth — the job I asked Him for!!!! His question to me was “Can you do this?” I remember saying so matter of fact “I can do that!” His next question was “Do you want to do this?” My answer was “That is so cool; I would really love to do that!” I believe I was shown this to help me make a different decision because the next thing in front of me was, again: “Do you want to stay or go?”

Even though my good far outweighed my bad (and I wanted to stay in His loving embrace), I desperately needed to fix the hurtful things if I had a chance to. I didn’t want to leave so many things undone before I had to go. My main reason for staying was that I didn’t want to let God down. I wanted to finish the job I had come here to do. I wanted to show Him that I’m not a quitter. I also wanted to live on this Earth knowing God loved me. I felt like I had no other choice than to stay. I replied, almost in a whisper and very, very reluctantly, “I really want to go with you — but I have to stay.”


It’s About Bringing The Light Into This Earth
NDEr Anne Horn

“He looked down at me and he said, ‘you’re not supposed to be here. It’s not time for you to be here.’

“And I remember looking up at him and saying, ‘but I want to be here’… With all my heart, I wanted to be there. I wanted to go home. I was happy.

“And he took a pause and… you could see him thinking about something and deciding whether to say something. And with that… there was a picture placed in my head of a memory of my original agreement of why I had come to Earth to begin with. It was like I remembered and I went, ‘Oh, right. Right…’

“One of the things that bothers me so tremendously about the metaphysical movement, in lieu of my experience and in lieu of what I was shown… if there is any message I can give, it’s not about meditating and leaving your body and taking your Light Being out of this Earth. Indeed, not. It is about bringing the Light into this Earth. Stay here. Be an anchor. Let the Light come in through you into this world. Don’t abandon this world. We need you. We need you here. We need you to be present. And we need you to be open, with an open heart… Everybody must be open. To bring this new age in, it is about opening your heart and letting it sing through you. It is coming! And it is a matter of all of us. Just open your heart and let It come in. Don’t leave. Don’t meditate and think this place is a bad place and we’re going to get out of here. This is a wonderful place. And it’s going to get even more wonderful. You’re here to anchor the Light so It can come into this dimension and be here.”


We Came Here To Experience Life In The Human Form
NDEr Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

“The biggest thing I can say to people is let yourselves off the hook . . . We didn’t come here for perfection. We came here from perfection to take a break and to find out what it means to experience life in the human form.”


The Main Purpose Is Love
NDEr Nancy Rynes

“It is important to be here… There’s a purpose for coming back. For me, it’s being a source of that Divine love. It’s showing people what it was like to be in Heaven, what it can be for us to be a positive source of love… Every night for months I prayed that I would die. Every night… until I realized the main purpose for me was love, sharing it…”


What Is The Meaning Of Life? Love
NDEr Wayne Morrison

“I rapidly began to ask questions. Now when I say ‘ask questions’ this isn’t in the way in which we communicate in this world. It was as if the second I began thinking the question, the answer was given to me in a multitude of ways. I would know it from its history, for the reasons it was happening. For instance, I said, at one point, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ And this Being, whom I personally believe was God — or a representative of God, if not God Himself — communicated to me not the word love, but the understanding of love. And an understanding of love that I couldn’t have before because I just thought well, you love your mother, you love your dog, you know, peace, love, all that. But it wasn’t that. It was a love that was total and all encompassing.”


The Point Of All Of This
NDEr Nancy Rynes

“The point of all of this was for me to bring heaven into my own life and the lives of the people around me. And to anybody else who wanted to listen.”


You Are Here To Love Others
NDEr Chris Batts

“You are loved and the reason you are here is to love others; you are loved and your mission here is to help people remember that they are love.”


Our Brother & Sister’s Keeper
NDEr Chris Markey

“What I got from this is that we are, for sure, without a doubt, our brother and sister’s keeper. Absolutely. That’s the whole reason we’re here.”


Don’t Always Be So Flipping Serious
NDEr Nancy Rynes

“Don’t always be so flipping serious. Have fun. Play. Enjoy your life. That’s what it is all about. You have a very finite amount of time to come here and enjoy who you are. So do it.”


God Has A Plan For Each Of Us

“If my journey from the bottom of a river to the heights of heaven revealed anything to me, it is that God is not only real and present in our world, but that He knows each one of us by name, loves each one of us as though we were the only person on Earth, and has a plan for each of us that is more significant and rewarding than anything we can dare to imagine on our own.”

Dr. Mary Neal, 7 Lessons from Heaven: How Dying Taught Me to Live a Joy-Filled Life


Time On Earth Is A Visit To The Ultimate Theme Park
NDEr Duane S

“My death was not just falling asleep into a state of nothingness forever. Rather it was an awakening to a reality I couldn’t imagine. As I was greeted by those I loved, I felt as if I were dissolving into the most intense love I had ever known. The love rolled over me like the waves of a great tsunami; a happy, joyous love full of anticipation, promise, and closure. No words were exchanged. Thoughts moved instantaneously, with perfect clarity, from one part of the eternal mind to another; without the ability to withhold or judge anything.

“It was all an expression and celebration of love. On Earth, this reunion would have been unfathomable, between members of an ancient soul group who were celebrating the return home of one of their own. Slowly, as I looked at those gathered to greet me, I realized they were all there. Surprisingly they were not only from this life, but also from a prior life in Germany. I realized that the same souls have possibly played different parts in my multiple lives. Sometimes these souls had been my daughter, my wife, or my mother. While at first this idea had startled me, I was soon humbled. Who was I to tell God what he could or couldn’t do with his creations? Just because some Sunday school teacher had different ideas about how things worked, it didn’t really matter.

“My joy deepened as I realized that I had only left behind an earthly vestige of those I love. The essence of each of those souls, was also here with me now. Besides my friends and family, there were the friendly Germans who had been hauntingly familiar while I was a young soldier in Germany. Now I knew why they seemed so familiar at the time, they had been friends and family from a prior lifetime there. I now understood that I had left nothing behind on Earth. The eternal essences of all my loved ones from that life, as well as all other incarnations, were all here to greet me. All I had left behind was a character, playing a role in a drama that we had chosen to experience. In the meantime, our real eternal essence remained in God’s realm. Suddenly, it was all so simple.

“As I was shown around, it was explained to me how most of our celestial, eternal knowledge is blanked-out during our chosen life spans on Earth. We must temporarily forget most of what our higher-self already knows so we can immerse ourselves in the roles we have chosen to play. Furthermore, they said that it might take a while for all my knowledge and memories to return. To ease the transition back into this realm, I was told to think of my time on Earth as an extended visit to the ultimate theme park. Consider it a place with thrilling rides and various adventures that I could choose to experience or not. I was also reminded that the reason we leave the celestial realm at all was for the excitement, variety, adventure, and entertainment that different incarnations offer. However, to take all our celestial knowledge with us on our various adventures would have ruined the very experience that we had chosen to live. Someone there said that I should think of our trips to other realms as choosing a new novel to read. I can choose a new book, depending on what I am in the mood for. Furthermore, if I knew every turn and twist of the story, line by line, prior to reading it, it would spoil the fun.

“As one entity jokingly remarked, ‘If the eternal, divine part of us grows tired of singing and playing harps, there are thousands of other universes created for our spiritual growth, amusement, and entertainment. Eternity is a long time to do nothing but play harps.’ I heard this concept best expressed in The Course in Miracles, ‘We are only here for three reasons: to remember who we are; to help others remember who they are; and . . . to enjoy the trip . . . , unless, of course, we use our free will and choose not to.’

“As my orientation went on, they explained how on that celestial side of the veil, anything we desire is instantaneously provided. We just need to feel the desire. However, within lies the reason for all the realms outside of Heaven. Having everything we want all the time develops within us a desire for variety and change for a challenge. It would be like a game in which everyone was a winner. Soon, the game would become boring, and we would look for another, more challenging one…

“As everything else faded, a Voice, which really wasn’t a voice at all, said in resonating tones, ‘Welcome home, son, you have done a great job.’ In a continuing sense of profound love and acceptance, the Voice continued, ‘But, as long as you still have a body back on Earth, would you like to get ‘another one’ out of the way?’ I instantly knew what he was referring to. I was being asked to return for some important scenes that were coming up in my current earthly drama. When I reincarnated in that lifetime, I had agreed to play the role of father to my two daughters. And now I was being asked if I were going to continue honoring that commitment. Additionally, at the time of my death, I hadn’t believed in any form of reincarnation or anything else religious or spiritual. In spite of that, I instantly knew that I was being asked if I wanted to return to the earthly drama I had just left.

“Now my Sunday school teacher had always told us that there is no pain in Heaven. I can tell you now, at least in my case, she was wrong. I can still hear the agony of my echoing, ‘Nooooo’ still rattling around somewhere in those celestial realms. I knew in my heart of hearts and in the deepest core of my soul, that I did not want to go back. After escaping ‘the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God,’ as the poet John Gillespie Magee put it, I wanted to stay. After experiencing ‘Heaven,’ in no way did I want to go back to Earth anytime soon. If earth was a theme park, then they could have any part of my ‘unused ticket’ they wanted; I had had enough drama for a while. I was finished with that petty, trite, hellhole of an Earth-game it all had become. Obviously, my view of this world reality had slipped in the latter parts of my adventure. It was as if I had gotten my foot stuck in the track of the roller coaster.

“Even though I had people there, whom in earthly terms, I had loved as dearly as earthly conditions allowed, I had no desire to return once I had seen the alternative. From that vantage point, I could see how trivial the world I had left was. Here, on the other side, I would always be with souls who had loved me from the beginning of time, and will continue to do so forever. Plus, I now knew that the loved ones who lagged behind on Earth would join us momentarily. It might be years to them, but it would only be moments to us. Time is funny that way from a celestial view.

“What can a father say? Then, as I metaphorically ‘went out the door.’ The Voice continued, ‘Since you are going to be there for a while, there are a couple of things you could do for me. But, don’t worry, I’ll have your Soul Guides send you a handbook on Inner Guidance, so we can communicate. You already have the ability, but you don’t know how to listen. The book I’m sending will get you started.’ With a tremendous sense of loss, I went back to my life. I didn’t realize that my real journey was just beginning. At the time, I could never have fathomed what was ahead. I didn’t understand that I would be led to the kind of happiness on Earth that I hadn’t wanted to leave in Heaven. Nor could I have fathomed that inner guidance could bring the kind of happiness I had been seeking as a young boy. It is ironic that I would experience the happiness that I had to die to discover…”


Near-Death Experience – Deborah King – Only One Thing Can Affect Souls…

“This is who we were created to be. We are loving beings, love and compassion is what makes us. This is where we came from, this is where we are going to return to. This is really all that matters. This is really all that can impact the soul.”

— Near-Death Experiencer Deborah King


ALL Lives Are Essential For Our Evolution And Development
Anonymous NDEr via IANDS

“I was then led to a room that resembled a conservatory. As soon as I was left alone the walls came to life! 360 degrees of ‘movies’ all projected at once. I watched the domino effect of what harsh and unkind words and actions would do to people, how it would start with one person and spiral down to 300 people. I ‘felt’ the anger and sadness of everyone! I thought I was going to explode! I was emotionally shaken to the core. That was the only semi-negative thing that happened to me during my visit there.

“I was asked to return to the ‘library’ as I was to start my studies, as in reading the scrolls (it was more like downloading into my consciousness). I read and studied there for 60 years!!! Most were people’s lives from beginning to end. I was allowed to ‘feel’ the emotions of most people. Some were vibrant, some were sort of boring. A lot that was downloaded was information. This will be hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. We (here on Earth) have a role to play. We choose our lives even before we are born — whether we chose a good life or a bad one, it matters not, because there is NO good or bad. It’s just your chosen role. And ALL lives lived are essential for our evolution and development. That’s why we have memory. WE LEARN AND GROW because we have different lifestyles, beliefs, opinions, etc. Sorry to say this BUT even the most evil — death, destruction, disease — is essential! Think about it, if everything was ALWAYS good and going your way; if all relationships were good and everyone got what they wanted, over the years it would get pretty boring and stagnant. I know it sounds wonderful, but it wouldn’t let us grow much, would it?

“Also something else that might be hard to comprehend is that there is no such thing as time! Your life is happening all at once, meaning your past/present/future are all one bubble. It’s our brain (filter) that makes this so-called time linear. Huh? I know: strange! That might raise questions of ‘free will.’ Do we have it? Yes and no. Just because your life is predetermined, you don’t know what the outcome will be. Things can change on a dime, always remember that! I knew everything about the universe: why, how, what’s the point of it all? I was there for so long it was hard not to know everything! When I returned I couldn’t remember a lot of information that I had received. I assumed it was intentional…”


Near-Death Experiencer Beverly Brodsky: “Everything Is Perfect Just The Way It Is!”

“When I was on the other side, I had the knowing that everything is perfect just the way it is!”

“The Universe has our back. It really does.”

For more information about NDEr Beverly Brodsky, go here.


This Life Here Is Really Exciting From The Other Side
NDEr Natalie Sudman

“We can be over there anytime and infinitely, forever; forever and forever, for a long time and it’s so easy and it’s so beautiful, but this life here is really exciting from the other side. And it’s pretty quick. So dig in and enjoy it… A lot of the spiritual messages seem to be deny the body and deny the — these emotions are bad emotions — and these things are not holy and I don’t think that’s true. From my experience, everything is holy. Here is there. We didn’t come here just to experience all the happy things. We also came here to experience the difficult emotions because we learn from those and they enrich us in ways that really we can’t get when we are out of body, when we are in our whole selves. If we could get those out there, we wouldn’t be here. From that perspective it’s very exciting to participate in any kind of emotions, and any kind of situation. It’s an adventure. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful…. It’s a miracle.”


We Are Each Intrinsically Valuable & Everything We Experience Matters
NDEr Natalie Sudman

“In this non-physical state of being, there is a profound sense of belonging. Everything about everyone that exists is not only accepted, but admired, respected, recognized and celebrated. There is a cooperative, co-passion for being that permeates everything I experienced. Everything there is effortless. It is just so easy. It’s blissful. And it’s filled with a joy that is so fundamental it’s only really remarkable from outside of that state of being. So image that everything you have ever thought, imagined, experienced, dreamed, or created was recognized to be valuable to you yourself and to everyone else — to all that exists. Imagine that no matter what you do or how you express yourself, you belong and are valued. This is true. What was known to me, what was so basic as to be assumed was just that: that we are each intrinsically valuable and everything we experience matters, not just to ourselves but to each other and to All That Is.

“I use the phrase ‘All That Is’ instead of God, Source, Universe, whatever — a lot of those words have personal connotations that limit my ideas. And so when I say ‘All That Is’ it includes all that is. That’s the term that I’ll be using.

“My experience is that we are always within and expressions of All That Is which is a beautiful Force of infinitely curious and creative energy and awareness. How can we be anything but perfect? We are All That Is just as much as It is us. We are created by It; It creates us. We participate in It; It participates in us. We extend It and It extends us. We are each individual expressions of this single infinite awareness. We are one. And we are each perfect exactly as we are.

“We’re so used to thinking in terms of hierarchies. The healer is more important that the addict. The teacher is more important than the arms dealer. These hierarchies of values are not real. I don’t care how dull, or weird, or messed up we think our lives are here in the physical world, I can assure you that all of us are having a valuable experience. And I don’t care how special we think we are, we are each uniquely special. Every single one of us. Our experience extends and enhances everything that exists. We are each infinitely creative beings having an amazing experience just by being here.

“From the perspective out of body, it was understood that it takes some skill to even exist in the physical body, in the physical world. It takes a skill of focus to maintain consciousness within a physical body and then to participate in a collective, cooperative, creative experience of being in this physical world. So we’re all amazing. We’re all jet pilots flying 50 feet off the deck upside down. We are very cool. Just by showing up here, just by showing up.”



Love & Knowledge
NDEr Deborah L

“When you go back, you must remember that there are no mistakes in life. There are no mistakes. Money, material possessions and job titles don’t matter. The only things that matter in life are love and knowledge. There is nothing else. You must remember that.”


Loving & Learning
NDE Researcher Dr. Jan Holden

“One of the prevailing themes that comes out of near-death experiences is that human life has purpose. And the purpose seems to be loving and learning.”


We Came Here To Learn How To Love & To Gain Knowledge
NDEr Barbara S

“I was told that you are here to learn how to love and to gain knowledge. When this was said, not by words but by thoughts, every connotation of the words ‘love’ and ‘knowledge’ were shown to me. I knew it was not just talking about book knowledge or physical love. It meant that I was here on Earth to learn how to accept every race and have no prejudice; that I was to keep expanding and learning about the Earth, nature, animals and people. I felt that this was the mission of all mankind, not just me.”


The Purpose Of Life Is Beyond Human Comprehension
NDEr Helen D

“I had many questions… I wanted to know how the world worked? What was our purpose in life? Why we are on this Earth? How did we come to be here? What was the right religion?

“They tried to slow me down. They said they couldn’t answer everything for me at this time. They said to try to explain would be difficult/beyond us as what we humans think is only a ant-like piece of what it all is/means.

“They did answer the religion question. They said there is no right or wrong religion. It is what is in your heart that counts.

“They also said our purpose on this Earth is to love.

“After my review they told me I had to go back because my mission in life was not complete. I had to be convinced and reassured I would come back someday. I did not want to return to my awful life.”


Heaven Is A Frequency
NDEr Teri R quoted in God and the Afterlife by Dr. Jeffrey Long, Page 64-65

“In his presence I felt like I was ‘Home’ in a sense that I have never known before. I saw that my true essence is the energy of love, but as we reviewed my life together, I came to understand how I had removed myself from the benefits and bliss of love through anger. I saw how important it is to project feelings of love because other people can either benefit from or be negatively affected by my energy.

“I also came to understand that Heaven isn’t a place that you enter but a frequency that you attain. Being in the presence of White Light was ‘Heaven.’ It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced or dreamed was possible. Having that feeling again is what I strive for — not going to a place. The feeling, the energy I experienced became ‘the place.’

“I understood that you take yourself with you wherever you go. Your own consciousness has to change in order to experience the higher frequencies of love, peace, joy, bliss, and tranquility, which I felt a part of.

“So I begged for the opportunity to do just that. I wanted to return because I knew that my consciousness didn’t mesh with the unconditional love I was experiencing. I knew that I had to become more loving in order to experience this indescribable love permanently.”

Takeaways from the quote above:

• Heaven is a frequency.

• In order to be in Heaven, we need to learn how to vibrate at the same frequency that Heaven does.

• The primary vibration of Heaven is love; therefore the more loving we can become, the more heavenly states of consciousness we experience.

• It’s by learning to be a loving person IN THIS WORLD that we gain the ability to live in a heavenly state of consciousness PERMANENTLY. Simply dipping in and out of heavenly states of consciousness gives us a taste of Heaven, but doesn’t allow us to permanently stay in those states. This appears to be one of the mains reason we keep getting sent back to this world:

1. We can’t stay in higher states of consciousness until we have developed a consciousness that vibrates, all the time, at higher frequencies.

2. Our souls want to be here so we can learn how to do that.


Memories Erased So Earth Experiences Would Be Legitimate
NDEr Karen Blance Thomas

“I was told that the future things in my life that I had been shown would be removed from my memory as well as some other things I had been shown during my experience because the choices I would make in my future life would be tainted and not truly legitimate choices if I were allowed to retain those memories, but that I would be granted enough memories to convince my logical mind of the reality of my experience and I would be given an unmistakable sign that would be proof of where I truly had been.”


A Place To Test Ourselves Under Pressure
NDEr Jean R

“I was told that people choose to be born into whichever religion or group that will help them achieve the lessons they are sent here to learn. I was told that the Earth is like a big school, a place where you can apply spiritual lessons learned and test yourself, under pressure, to see if you can actually ‘live’ what you already know you should do. Basically, the Earth is a place to walk the walk and literally live the way it should be done. It was made clear to me that some people come to the Earth to work on only one aspect of themselves, while others come to work on several aspects. Then there are others who come to not only work on their own nature, but also to help the world as a whole.

“The other side does not have the physical pressures that having a body has. Here on Earth, you must feed and clothe that body and provide shelter for it from the elements. You are under continual pressure of some sort, to make decisions that have a spiritual base. You are taught on the ‘other side’ what you are ‘supposed to do,’ but can you LIVE it under these pressures on Earth. From what I saw and heard there, it is all about relationships and taking care of each other. Perfection is not expected of people, but learning is expected and considered good progress.

“All of our experiences in a lifetime tend to follow some sort of pattern and often will recreate the same lessons, only in a different way, and under various circumstances. This is how you know what you are here to learn and test. If you examine the patterns, certain themes will become clear.

“I was shown a library filled with gold covered books. These are the lives of people on Earth where their life plan is laid out and what they hope to achieve through certain key experiences. From what I was shown, people have free choice as to how to get to these preset key experiences. They can take a meandering path of experiences or a more direct route, but there are certain events that are preset and will happen, no matter what. Each of those key events are benchmarks and one’s reactions to them will show how much they have learned and what more needs to be done, or learned.

“The economic turmoil we are now going through is one of those ‘world events’ that was preset. People have a choice as to how to react to these events. From what I was shown, the spiritual way is to help each other and help those in need. This is the ultimate act of love. But there is also the choice of becoming more protective and self centered, less sharing and keeping one’s own possessions as primary in one’s reactions to what is there. This is a materialistic way of viewing it all, as if the material world is more than the connection between all of mankind.”


The Near-Death Experience of Ursula Schulenburg

Ms. Ursula Schulenburg experienced severe physical and sexual violence in her youth, primarily at the hands of her father, who killed her by holding a plastic bag over her head. In this interview, she talks about her traumatic youth, her near-death experience, and being told that she must return, even though she was still a child being traumatized by her father. She describes having an intense conversation with a Being of Light.  After being told that she must return, and refusing to do so, the Being of Light shows her what her future would look like if she did return: the dark period in her life would eventually change. In time, she would feel free and strong and experience deep feelings of love — and she would also be able to help many people. She was also shown that she would meet a man, a healer, who would be instrumental in her healing process. While her path has been very difficult, her life did, indeed, follow the path she was shown. Today she is working as a writer, lecturer, naturopath and life coach.


NDEr Charlotte: An Unexpected Conversation With Jesus

Similar to the near-death experience of Ursula Schulenburg, Charlotte Thomason also suffered severe child abuse at the hands of her father. In this video she describes getting pregnant at 11 years old by her father and dying during childbirth. After dying and leaving her body, she meets Jesus who promises to take care of her baby (who didn’t survive childbirth) and tells her that she must return.


The Near-Death Experience Of Joachim Schoss


“My near-death experience was the event in my life that has brought about the most significant change deep inside me. I came out of this accident severely disabled having lost one leg and one arm, but the deepest sense of this near-death experience was of greater importance to me. The meaning of my NDE was not how successful I was or which managerial values I have created, but the only thing that was important was what kind of person I was. My thesis is that all people who have a near-death experience feel the same way… Based on the knowledge I gained from this experience, I had to alter my way of life and set the priorities differently. Before the accident, the highest priority for me was to advance enterprise developments, work, and success. After the accident, my first priority were my family and my children. Business and financial issues came second.”


Take Care Of The Earth, The Animals, One Another
NDEr Oliver John Calvert

“I heard a voice say to me ‘You have not fulfilled your purpose here.’

“And I said, ‘What was my purpose?’… I didn’t have a clue. I truly didn’t have a clue — how to live, what life was about, what it was to be a man, what my goals or purpose could have been. So I said ‘What was my purpose?’

“And this voice says to me, ‘The same as every man. You were put on the Earth to take care of the Earth…’ We, as men, are here to take care of the Earth. That’s one of our responsibilities, as men. It was very personal. He said, ‘You’re not to strip mine the Earth. You’re not to pollute the Earth. You’re not to destroy your home.’ And I was being indicted because I was responsible. I was a litterer. I was one that didn’t care about nature or the environment at all. And this was a beautiful home that God had created for me to live and enjoy.

“And He said, ‘Secondly, you’re here for the animals. They look up to you. You’re the one with the spirit. You’re the one with reason, with intelligence, with the strength to change things, the ability to protect them and take care of them and do for them. They don’t have that ability. And yet you destroy species after species.’ And I knew that I was responsible, partly responsible. I had hunted for sport. I had no concern for animals. I never showed any compassion — I didn’t have any compassion for animals or men.

“And He said, ‘Thirdly and most importantly, you’re here for each other. And you — this imperative, YOU — I sent to be part of the answer. You’ve just been part of the problem…’ And He began to try to teach me…”


We Came Here To Learn About Ourselves
NDEr Ryan Rampton

“I want to talk to you today about why we came to this Earth. These are things I learned in Heaven. So number one, why did we come here? What is our purpose? Did we come here to be tested and tried and try to prove how righteous we are to God; keep a list of commandments or things like this? Is that why we came here? No. That is not why we came here.

“We came here for one thing. And that was to learn about ourselves. That’s it. We came to find out who you are and how you respond to different things.

“So for example one of the main things we came here [for] was to learn joy. We didn’t know what joy was before. When we were up in Heaven, we knew one thing. We knew love. That’s what God was. And we learned different concepts and we learned how to do different things, but we didn’t know joy and we wanted to know joy. God told us: the only way to know joy is to know sorrow. So we had to come down to this physical realm that He made so that we could learn about sorrow so that we can have joy.

“So we’re not down here to prove anything to God. We’re not down here to earn His love. We’re not down here to do certain things to make ourselves righteous in His eyes. All those things are great, all those things are awesome, but that’s not why we came down here.

“We came down here to experience opposition. We came down here to feel the opposite.

“For example, we would never know what a great health felt like if you’d never been sick. You would never know what a wonderful day in Hawaii would be if you didn’t live in a winter environment. You’d go to Hawaii in the middle of the winter and you’re going ‘Yeah, this is awesome!’ And the guy on the beach that’s local is like “What’s the big deal, man? It’s this way every day.”

“So it’s the opposition that defines us. It’s the space between things that creates form. All of these things need each other. We need opposition to even know who we are.

“For example, when the Lord showed me my spirit, before I came to this Earth, I saw this amazing, glorious, just breathtakingly beautiful, amazing warrior. The armament, and the clothing, and the raiment that I had on was so amazing and I was just breathtaking to behold. So I come down here and I end up being in this little, sick, weak body that spends the first seven years of its life in an oxygen tent, clinging on to life. I was skinny and scrawny up till even when I got married my wife actually weighed more than I did. She was 118 pounds and I was 115 pounds. So I learned what it was like to be weak. I learned what it was like to have shame. I learned what it was like to have all these things. This opposition made me into who I am today.

“Even the mistakes I’ve made. Even all the bad things I’ve done in my life. All the sins. All the terrible things. They helped form me into who I am today.”


We Need To Be Here To Really Know Who We Are

“When we are formless, we cannot know physical love, pleasure, and so on. We are in a state of unconditional love, so we cannot know what it’s like to miss someone, and we cannot even know ourselves. We need to be here, in this physical self, to really know who we are. We chose to come here to know who we are.”

— NDEr Anita Moorjani

“I realized from death that actually my purpose here is to immerse myself in life fully. Not to spend it thinking about creating the perfect afterlife. I’m here for a reason. I’m here to be who I am. I’m a facet of this universe. I’m an aspect. I am the way I am for a reason. My purpose is to be as me as I can be.”

— NDEr Anita MoorjaniLondon Real Interview, beginning at 36:10


Our Purpose Here Is To Be Separated From The Light
NDEr Rachel E

“Our purpose here is to be separated from the oneness. We are here to feel pain. To feel the loneliness. To truly understand how difficult it is to be separated from G*d. In our struggles to love, live, and cherish we get to do something new that can’t be done when there is only peace, light, and love. Here we have the light and dark. Both…”


Through My Trials I Would Grow
NDEr Nicole Dron

“There I saw what my life would be, when I come back, between the moment when I come back, and the moment when I finally leave. I would be put on many trials and suffering. I saw myself crying many times. I asked myself: ‘What have I done to God to deserve all these trials and sufferings?’ I was told that before I was born, I had accepted all of this because through them I would grow. There was some selfish part of me which made me ask: ‘May I be given in one life what I have to live in other lives on this Earth?’ because for me the Earth is a real hell and I did not want to come back. I was told that they could not give me more (weight) than my shoulders could carry.”


Life Is Supposed To Be Hard
NDEr Angie Fenimore

“Life’s supposed to be hard. You can’t skip over parts. We have all done it. You must earn what you receive.”

— What God told near-death experiencer Angie Fenimore, who attempted to end her life via suicide


What We Are Into Now Is God’s Exploration Of God Through Us
NDEr Mellen-Thomas Benedict

“God gave everything to us, everything is here — this is where it’s at. And what we are into now is God’s exploration of God through us. People are so busy trying to become God that they ought to realize that we are already God and God is becoming us. That’s what it is really about. When I realized this, I was finished with The Void, and wanted to return to this creation…”

“The other side is not all it is cracked up to be. There’s a lot you can’t do on the other side. There’s a perfect combination though. A body without spirit is a wasteland and a spirit without a body is a wasteland. And we are the perfect matrix of body and spirit. With body and spirit, you can have it all.”


There Are Many Things You Can Only Enjoy On Earth
Anonymous NDEr via IANDS

“I had no body so I could not hear by ears, could not see with eyes, could not touch, nor smell nor taste. When I was shown my past and future they showed me all of our family holidays as well. I saw all of the food telepathically and from my stay on Earth was able to imagine what it would taste like and what it smelled like. It was clear to me that as wonderful as this Heaven was there are many things you can only enjoy on Earth. Such as swimming in water, holding hands, soft fur of a pet, sex, kissing, warm wind, food, and so much more. Also if you have unresolved issues, they do not go away just because you are dead. So if you hate yourself and commit suicide, you still hate yourself and are dead. It really is not much different than just closing your eyes. Your problems are still there. However, you are able to think more clearly. Your brain is fresh and alleviated of any damage, tiredness, illness, age, etc.”


The Joyful Experience Of Life
Near-Death Experiencer Jan Price

“The true purpose of life is for the joyful experience of it. And that’s what, I was told, is the way we should live life.”


So You Can Have Experiences Your Spirit Alone Cannot
NDEr Cami Renfrow

“Your higher self incarnated because as a sensate, embodied being you can have experiences your spirit alone cannot. Don’t be afraid of desire. Don’t be afraid of passion, of adventure, of a little sin, of failure, of living in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid of anything. Life truly is a big play — have fun with it, don’t take it so seriously. Life in all its glory goes on, no matter how messy it looks from here and now.”


Love Each Other Unconditionally, Without Judgement; Develop Compassion
NDEr Sherry Goodman

“Information I was able to retain after re-entering my body:

“1. Earth is a school for our souls to grow, and how we respond to the suffering of others is an indicator of our level of soul growth.

“2. Loving each other unconditionally, without judgment, and developing our compassion is what we are put on Earth to do. And until we get to the point that we can do these things, we will reincarnate (in other words, we will be born again).

“3. We reap what we sow. No one escapes that. It’s one way our souls grow. We will all feel the pain we’ve caused others and in the same manner. If it doesn’t happen to us directly, we will witness it in our loved ones, but we will go through the experience — if not in this lifetime, a future one.

“4. The ‘go-between’ said that we are all connected at a soulular level and that just as we have our parents’ DNA on Earth, our souls are made of the same thing that our Creator is made of, but to a lesser degree.

“5. He said that there are no ‘chosen ones’ and that our Creator loves everyone equally, no matter what race, religion, or region.

“6. He told me that man created religion and that death and destruction are what it brings. However, he said that spirituality is important. It’s our soul’s attempt to reach out to its Creator, to home. Spirituality is good; religion, however, is our attempt to reach out to God, not God’s attempt to reach us. Our Creator is already, and always, with us.”


The Only Thing We Get To Bring Back Is The Love We Give Away
NDEr Laura M

The first awareness I had was the absence of pain; what a relief! Then I became aware of the blackness. It was as if I was in a place of tremendous energy; a great black void, but I was not fearful. The void held me in calm and peace. I knew I had died to the world but I had not lost consciousness for even a second. I was still me and still alive.

Then I was with Him and enveloped in such a great light and love it defies description. There I rested in joy, bliss and grace. He spoke to me, telling me that it was not my time and that I needed to return to my body, to complete my life’s mission. I did not respond to His remark, but instead asked Him how he had done that? He spoke to me without words, without a voice, and yet I had clearly heard and understood every unspoken word! He said to me that I was in a different “place”, one in which communication was purely exchanged through the language of love. Here everyone spoke heart to heart and soul to soul so that there could never be a misunderstanding. When I had been on Earth and used the spoken word there had often been great confusion as to what I thought I had said and what had been heard by my listener, they were often very different.

He then reminded me again that it was not my time and that I needed to return to my body and resume my earth life. Then I reminded Him that He had promised me free agency, and I was choosing to exercise that agency to stay with Him. He laughed with great joy and mirth at my stubbornness, saying, “Yes, Laura, I would expect you to argue for your own case. The decision will of course be yours! But first let me show you some things.” I was suddenly struck with wonderment and awe. He knew me. Everything about me was already known. I was part of His creation and in me was the spark of God; it could not be otherwise. He was all knowing, He was all love, and I was a part of it all.

Before me, there suddenly appeared a pristine beautiful white glistening beach. I saw my three oldest sons sitting together on that beach. Individually, I saw many parts of their future lives. I saw their struggles and their hardships. I saw how my death would add to their hardships; sadness, loneliness, and anger seemed often to surround them. Then I saw the contrast I, as a Mother, would be in their lives. Their paths were lightened because of my love for them.

But still I could not imagine leaving Him; being apart From His love. So I pointed out the beach to Him, each single grain of sand and how there were millions of them. Surely, one small grain of sand in all of creation would not be so missed. Besides, they had a father, a wonderful loving father, to care for them and teach them, care for them and love them. Also, I had realized at that point that time was different and did not really matter. After all, as a mortal how do you understand forever or eternity or no end? Life may appear long, hard and dreary but really it was a flash, equal to one grain of sand on that expansive beach. He brought my focus back to the beach explaining, “Notice again the beach and every individual grain of sand. Notice how each grain touches every other grain. If every individual gain of sand chose to remove itself, there would be no beach.” I got it on all levels instantly! No one could replace me. No one was in fact replaceable, ever. Everyone must contribute their own unique part of the beach.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had only witnessed the lives of three of my sons. “Where is my baby,” I asked? “Why is he separated from his brothers?”

“He is younger; he will be raised differently,” was the reply.

“That cannot be,” I said. “His father would not let that happen.”

His father will not be with him long, I was given to understand; he will not have the influence on him as he does on your other sons. At this point, I witnessed a future event in the life of my husband, an accident in which he would lose his life. I did not bring this memory back with me, but somewhere in the corner of my mind, it remained. I would remember it vividly four years later as my husband lay dying.

And there was still more for me to understand. The focus again fell on my infant son and hundreds if not thousands of my ancestors. I was aware of light surrounding many of them. They stood out. I felt tremendous love from them. “Notice,” He said, “your ancestors, all these beings, came together in your behalf, to make you uniquely you.” I realized in Earth words He was referring to my DNA. “You wanted to go to Earth to learn, to progress, and to contribute to creation. All these spirits came together to help you do that.”

The focus then was back to my baby. “In all of creation,” He said, “your infant son chose you to be his mother, none other. Together you made a covenant to fill these rolls in each other’s Earth life. This covenant is and was a very sacred covenant not to be taken lightly.”

Suddenly I could not wait to return to Earth, to my sons, all 4 of them, to my family, to life on Earth. But, before doing so, I was brought to another level of awareness.

It was as if when I was focused on Him that was my complete and only awareness. But, when changing focus, such as on the beach, l saw much more. My life flashed before me; a life review was in order. When it was over, my head was hung in shame for He had seen it too. I was not happy about many, many of my actions. Then, in awe, I turned to Him asking, “How can you still love me so completely after witnessing my many sins?”

“You are a child of God,” He said, “and God Is Love. I see you purely as Love.”

There was no judgment, only love coming from Him. In order for me to understand this, however, I needed to forgive myself and realize that I was a part of divine love. Through the Atonement, this was made possible. It’s very difficult to explain. I only know I remember nothing that I saw in my life review; only the memory of having one remains and also of the love! My surroundings were then brought into focus as I became aware of a flower, a magnificent flower. It was rather like a perfect Gerber daisy glowing in brilliant orange hued colors. It was alive and it loved me! In amazement, I turned again to Him in wonderment and awe, exclaiming, “This flower loves me. I can feel it.”

“Everything,” He said, “was made in love for you!”

Then I saw and felt all. It was me and I was it; the firmament with colors alive and loving, stunning colors of light and water, each drop alive and loving; no word, no words!

Now it really was time to return but first I had one more question.

“Why me,” I asked. “What made me so special that I was allowed to have this happen to me?”

“Nothing,” He said. “Love falls on everyone equally; everyone is special. This was just something you needed to accomplish your chosen life mission.”

I was almost ready to return but first I needed to secure a promise that I could soon return to Him. Again, I felt his great mirth; his tremendous love for me and his complete knowing of me, because you see there really is no other option! We all return. He did then remind me that the only thing I would get to bring back with me was love; the love I gave away.



All Is Good!
NDEr Amy Call

“I came to understand that most of us have lived much, MUCH longer than we could even fathom. That our lives that feel so very long are infinitesimal when placed in the Whole picture… which for that matter, cannot even be framed. I was shown how every single individual through their own free will chooses paths that MATHEMATICALLY take them to the circumstances of their next existence or life. That NOTHING at all sits in accident or chaos. That every single aspect of our lives are ruled by NATURAL Laws that we placed ourSELVES in! That in a sense, we create our own worlds. I was shown how one can never assume either, that if someone lives a life of suffering that this is because of ‘evil’ deeds. Many may CHOOSE a life of suffering because of what it Awakens in them.. or to help another, etc.. We can NEVER EVER assume that we can be accurate in guessing why each Being lives the life they live. I cannot describe the relief… the refreshing, peaceful balm this Knowledge was for me. To finally gather this Truth that I’d yearned for all of my life… That all IS Good! That there IS sense and beauty all around. That no one is just ‘free-falling’ as it had seemed before! That God doesn’t just get to toy with us as He pleases with random ideas of tests, including rewards and punishments that just depend upon His current mood or mindset. While in this experience, out in the vast expanse of stars and planets, moons, and Knowledge, I Knew complete Trust for what felt like the first time. This was bliss for me. I had lived in fear and distrust and panic for 30 consecutive years…”


Everything Is In Perfect Order
NDEr Jeff Olsen

“Everything is in perfect order no matter what it looks like here.”


Something Of Beauty And Worth Always Emerged

“During the review of my life, Jesus repeatedly allowed me to see both the immediate and distant effects of an event. I was able to appreciate and understand how each event spread through time and space, initiating a cascade of other events from which something of beauty and worth always emerged…

“One of God’s most astonishing gifts is His ability to use time to heal and redeem: to make something beautiful later out of something that appears ugly now…

“Does God really work all things together for our good? During my life review, as I witnessed beauty emerging from every event, my faith in God’s promise shifted from a somewhat vague theological hope into complete trust. I understood that He genuinely does make everything beautiful in His time.”

— Near-Death Experiencer Dr. Mary Neal, 7 Lessons from Heaven: How Dying Taught Me to Live a Joy-Filled Life


There Is Nothing Wrong With Us

“Everything became apparent to me. I knew so much all at one time. There was this great knowing about me. And one of those great messages was that we are all perfect. We are all perfect as we are. There is nothing wrong with us. We are meant to be who we are. There is nothing wrong. Every experience you have in life, every experience you’ve had, is meant to be a part of you and lead you to where you are and where you become. You, because you are your best teacher, there’s no one else that can answer your questions the way that you can; there’s no one else that can tell you what you need to know. But we loose sight of the fact that we have that knowledge within us and that we hold Source energy and Divine energy within.”

— Near-Death Experiencer Ellen Whelton


All Manner Of Thing Shall Be Well

“…deeds are done which appear so evil to us and people suffer such terrible evils that it does not seem as though any good will ever come of them; and we consider this, sorrowing and grieving over it so that we cannot find peace in the blessed contemplation of God as we should do; and this is why: our reasoning powers are so blind now, so humble and so simple, that we cannot know the high, marvelous wisdom, the might and the goodness of the Holy Trinity. And this is what He means where He says, ‘You shall see for yourself that all manner of things shall be well’, as if He said, ‘Pay attention to this now, faithfully and confidently, and at the end of time you will truly see it in the fullness of joy.”

“And I saw that truly nothing happens by accident or luck, but everything by God’s wise providence. If it seems to be accident or luck from our point of view, our blindness and lack of foreknowledge is the cause; for matters that have been in God’s foreseeing wisdom since before time began befall us suddenly, all unawares; and so in our blindness and ignorance we say that this is accident or luck, but to our Lord God it is not so.”

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

— Julian of Norwich


We’re Like Super Heroes To The Divine
NDEr Amy Call

“One of the feelings I had when I was out of my body in this universal part where I was with my guide was I had this enormous gratitude and love for what all of this was. It was so deep and there was a level of almost like I could feel my own humanness and you do want to bow to It in a way — I didn’t have the feeling that I need to bow — but it’s almost like when something is so amazing you almost just collapse to It because you love It so much. And yes I did have that and yet at the same time what That is — what the Divine, what God is — I felt all of that more than I could ever feel coming back to me and feeling that level of love and gratitude for me and it was for me personally, for exactly who I am, at every level of me, everything I have ever been through beyond even what I know of in this life time. It was so grateful to me and loved me so much. I also felt as if It was bowing to me. So there was this mutual adoration and love.

“That also helps me because coming back into the world I know not only to lighten up, but I know the level of love; this gratitude for us because in a way it’s like when we become embodied in the physical we’re learning through our senses and through suffering and joy and all these different levels. We’re picking up on so much information — learning how to be balanced and evolving in the mind — and as we do this everything that happens to us comes together and what we call the Divine is able to receive that information and our learning and our growth — that’s part of the whole intelligence of why It’s intelligent, why It knows. We think It’s beyond us; It’s so much more intelligent. And yet I understood that It was saying but this is because of those willing to go down into the bottom. I understood that Their feeling to us is almost like ‘you guys are the super heroes who go into the physical body and you experience the suffering’ and We have nothing but gratitude and love and wish for you and hope for you.”

The quote above is excerpted from 01:01:50 – 01:04:24 in the video below.


There Was Complete Order And Complete Acceptance Of Everything
NDEr Romy

“I heard a masculine, comforting voice say several times slowly, ‘It is all okay’. Part of the meaning of this in Hebrew is, ‘everything is in order’. Surprisingly, I was experiencing absolute peace and I felt no fear. As the car was tumbling down the mountain, turning and bumping against the hard surfaces, the voice calmly said, ‘Roll with it’, as if it was just a movement exercise. Feeling absolute peace, I let myself roll.

“The voice came as if from inside of my head but at the same time ‘It’ wasn’t ‘me’. It was very comforting, stable and strong. I did not recognize the voice but I connected to it very deeply, and knew I could trust it with all my heart. As I was ‘rolling’ with every tumble, I suddenly wasn’t in the car anymore. I experienced complete trust. I was surrounded with space, as I saw my whole life unfolding. I was watching millions of the pictures of my life’s events, like a movie broken down into picture frames. All the little deeds, thoughts and moments upon moments, even the ones I forgot ever happened, they were all there. It was such a fascinating sight. The most curious thing was that the pictures were not connected to one another; they had a gap between them that looked like a string of light. It looked like they were threaded upon this string of light.

“My main feelings were equanimity, awe and curiosity. There was a strong quality of inquiry and inquisitiveness as I was examining everything. Every time a question came to me, the answer was immediately revealed. This unfolding of pictures and gaps developed and progressed continuously, presenting a constant delicate consequential line, in perfect order, a chain of events, yet somehow they were all happening at once. The past the present and the future were all happening at once. It was inspiring to witness the order and sense that all these little pictures seemed to have in ‘the big picture’.

“I felt a lot of compassion. I was all forgiven. In fact, there was nothing to forgive. I could see that my life had ‘perfect order’ to it. In some way it was like watching a mathematical equation, or sum, that makes perfect sense. Such event and such event create this kind of result. It was a simple portrayal of natural cause and effect, with a gentle understanding. There was no judgment, only innocence. As I was watching this linear unfolding of pictures, I realized that just by looking and focusing on a specific picture, ‘zooming in’ on it, I could also ‘enter’ that scene and then come back out of it, ‘zoom out’ and return to my place of observation.

“I looked back at my childhood. I could enter pictures there. From each picture, moment or thought, there was always the possibility to access that light that separated between it and the next picture. I could also see all the thoughts I had all my life. The ‘pictures’ were as strong as the pictures that depicted action or words. I was amazed to see that our thoughts are that strong, so real. It looked as though they were also threaded on a string of light. I realized that everything that happened to me and every single thought I had, created an imprint. Every single event or thought influenced my life and the lives of those around me. Every feeling, every intention, every time I was aware of the light and gap between the pictures, everything counted. As I looked, I felt very peaceful. I could see how the last moment of my life was a result of everything that had ever happened to me, before. I could see my life was a perfect manifestation of just what it was, who I was. There was complete acceptance, even of those moments that I remembered as less pleasant.

“My life, all our lives were threaded with this light that filled the gap between each picture. In the moments that we are open to it, we connect with it. It is that simple. It is there always. The last moment or picture of my life was I, rolling down the mountain in a car, with my mother, my brothers and the driver. I was suddenly inside that picture again. I could see how we are all connected. I was connected to everybody in a multi-faceted light web, a DNA-like hologram that was in perfect order. Everything connected to everything with delicate threads of light, which were the gaps between each moment. It showed my connection to other people, other souls, other incidents, moments past future and present. There was complete order and complete acceptance of everything…”


Every Action Influences The Balance & Order Of All That Is
NDEr Natalie Sudman

“From the physical perspective, it’s appropriate to agree upon limits of behavior in order to create a harmonious collective experience. It may also be necessary because we’ve built our reality into a structure that discourages or overlooks personal understanding and consistent awareness of our Whole Selves (and so, our participation in All That Is) within our physical lives. Our judgments on behavior, then, are valid from this physical perspective and functional only within it. We try to curtail the actions of a burglar, a murderer, or a rapist, with good reason. It’s a judgment on the physical action, and an attempt to minimize detrimental effects on the general harmony of the physical world, our collective conscious experience.

“From expanded awareness every action is understood to express creativity, have meaning, and influence the balance and order of the whole of All That Is. From my experiences in expanded awareness, it appears to me that no being is considered evil or bad. Actions of a being may be understood to be disruptive, inharmonious, or detrimental to the creative flow within any one reality, but the creativity of an action could be understood as valid — perhaps even necessary or useful — regardless of the overall disruption. Actions of a being may be understood as likely to look disruptive or evil from within a physical perspective while being considered beautiful, necessary, or valuable creative action from the perspective of expanded awareness and thus good in every way.

“Here’s a simplistic (or simplified, though not necessarily simple) example. From our perspective, we’re generally unable to perceive or understand fully the roles that a Whole Self may choose to take on upon entering a body, but from expanded awareness it can be seen that someone may agree to act in a certain way in order to assist others in experiencing something. As outrageous as it may seem to our perspective in the physical, the man who built the bomb that blew me up may have performed that action at my own request. This is not to imply that because it was at my request, his actions are acceptable within the physical world and ought to be overlooked. The role may have been agreed upon in order for the bomber himself to experience what it’s like to be chased, arrested, detained, or killed for the violence he visited on others. The bomber’s actions don’t have to be condoned in the physical world because he and I as Whole Selves agreed to blow me up; we all keep playing our roles within the context of the physical (the collective reality that we as Whole Selves have chosen to focus upon and participate in) according to what we think is good and right.

“That as a Whole Being I actually chose to be blown up flies in the face of more than one cultural base assumption. We generally assume that things happen to us and that there are many things that we simply can’t control. Accidents happen, mistakes are made, some people are lucky, and some are not. My experience simply doesn’t support this base assumption. Whether consciously aware of it in the physical mind or not, my Whole Self is fully aware of every experience as a cooperative effort between my focused awareness within the physical world, my Whole Self, and other individual Selves. I craft my physical experiences. Things don’t happen to me without my consent; they happen because I created, co-created, or agreed to experience them.

“Just to complicate matters in one (of many) directions, from expanded awareness, it is understood that beings can become so focused within one reality that they entirely (temporarily) lose track of their Whole Selves. Within that disconnect, they can cause all sorts of disruption through focused but non-cooperative action. This isn’t a cause for punishment; it’s a cause for healing.”

— Natalie Sudman, The Application of Impossible Things, Chapter 4: Choice, Purpose, and Responsibility


We Have A Lot To Teach & Share
NDEr Natalie Sudman

“We’re not the only ones who benefit from our experience in the physical world. In this experience we deepen our understanding of who and what we are in a unique way when we chose to come here and participate. When we leave our physical bodies we have a lot of knowledge that other beings don’t necessarily have. We have a lot to teach and share.”



Give Yourself Over To The Story Without Forgetting That It Is A Story
NDEr Natalie Sudman

“…we come into this world at this time in this place in order to participate. But that doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of the true fact of who we really are. We are not this personality, or this body, or these emotions. We are the infinite beings having an experience through this body, through the emotions, through the personality.

“It is possible to participate in this life, to get into a role with passion while still remembering that it is just a role  –  that we are actually whole beings: indestructible, safe, utterly beautiful. The best plays are ones in which the actors are so good, we all  — actors and audiences  —  give ourselves over to the story. But in the end the curtain comes down  –  we always know it is a play.

“Dig in, be with life, and give yourself over to the story … without forgetting that it is a story.”



This Deepest Truth Is Hidden From Us While We Are Alive

“It is rarely fully satisfying to get the answers to specific questions about the purpose of life, or why we suffer. And I believe a huge reason why answers are not satisfying is because this deepest truth is hidden from us while we are alive. I think we can sort of KNOW the ultimate purpose, and yet still NOT KNOW it. It’s almost impossible to describe. In my near-death experience it could not have been more obvious or more simple: Our purpose is to overcome fear, each one of us. We are supposed to utilize faith. We are supposed to let go, let God, trust God. The whole point is LOVE; to remember to choose LOVE instead of fear. It’s hard to see these truths while we are wrestling around in the ‘muck’ of life. And to be simply given the answer when the question is asked almost never works as a magic bullet to cure life’s ills. It seems there is some kind of struggle we are supposed to endure, and that answering the question will not take that struggle away. The struggle we endure, we endure TOGETHER, and some say it is for the expansion of the universe. Even I, years after my experience, seek the answer while knowing on some level what the answer is. I think this is as it is supposed to be. We are supposed to seek, and seek again, each time coming to a deeper understanding.”

— NDEr Amphianda Baskett


The Three Life-Changing Messages That Near-Death Experiencer Heidi Craig Received

The three messages that near-death experiencer Heidi Craig received:

1. Everyone is unconditionally loved

2. Everything will always be OK

3. Everything is always how it is supposed to be


Near-Death Experience – Tricia Richie – The Purpose & Function Of Everything


“I was immediately taken up into a wondrous loving presence of light and sound; indescribably wondrous, indescribably loving, beautiful, serene. It was just washing through my being. It was like being a drop of sea water in the ocean. Being part of the ocean, but not being the ocean. Simultaneously, all kinds of things were happening. I had a complete life review of my past, present, and future. I was being flooded through with this light and sound of all kinds of spiritual principals. I saw the purpose and the function of every religion on the planet. I saw the spiritual purpose and orderliness of war and peace. All of the negativity that we have, has a purpose. I knew what was true of me was true of every other individual also — that each of us is just indispensable to The Creator. Each of us is like an atom in the body of God.”

— Near-Death Experiencer Tricia Richie


You Have Not Fulfilled Your Karmic Duty


I said, “No way I’m going back. No way. I’m here and I’m going to stay!”

And they said, “No you can’t stay.”

And I said, “You’re not going to send me back.”

And then they got me on the one thing that they could have got me on. They said, “You have not fulfilled your duties and responsibilities. You have not fulfilled your karmic duty.”

I’m the kind go a guy that when I give my word on something, it’s sacred to me. And I knew, as I thought about it, yes, there were still certain things that I had promised to do when I was a child to help make this a better world, societal service, and I said, “OK, I’ll go back.”

With that, I felt myself being raised up again, turned around, [and sent back] into the tunnel…


NDEr Ed Salisbury: Struggling To Be In This World When We Want To Return Home


Howard Storm – The Future Of The World


Reverend Matthew Wright: The Second Axial Age

Many thinkers today believe we are entering a “Second Axial Age” — a great shift in consciousness and spirituality equal to that which produced the headwaters of our great religious traditions between roughly 800-200 BCE. This shift is related closely to the process of globalization, and our emerging sense of oneness — we are one human family, one planetary body, one intricately interwoven tapestry of life.

While the First Axial Age opened for us the possibility of the transcendent and a personal quest for enlightenment or salvation, it also tended to break our earlier, primal sense of collective identity (rooted in tribe) and our deep, felt connection to Earth. In this next shift, we are picking that earlier sensibility back up, not at the tribal, but at the global level. In the process, our religions are being transformed.

Rather than being called to step into decline and death, however, they are being asked to offer their practices of devotion and transformation in the shared service of our collective awakening. The blessings, spiritual treasures, and “mystical bodies” of our great religions hold the tools needed to carry us into this next phase of spiritual evolution. They will only flow forward, however, when freed from the exclusivist identities and superiority complexes that have plagued their histories and that do violence to the single human body we are in the process of becoming.

Profound interspiritual permeability will characterize the next phase of religious understanding. Each tradition will have a vital body of practice to continue in the service of the human body. What will this look like for individual traditions? How do independent religious bodies begin to interrelate and evolve? Exploring Christianity as an example, we will work with key thinkers such as Teilhard de Chardin, Bede Griffiths, and Raimon Panikkar.

The Rev. Matthew Wright is an Episcopal priest working to renew the Christian Wisdom tradition within a wider interspiritual framework. Alongside his practice of Christianity, he draws deeply from the sacred worlds of Islamic Sufism and Vedanta. Matthew currently lives at Bluestone Farm, a ministry of The Community of the Holy Spirit, and serves as priest at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Brewster, NY.


“We Are All Born To Help Each Other…”

Where Does This Quote Come From?


Desiderata – The Original Version