What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us – v1.1
By David Sunfellow


v1.1 Additions/Corrections

Near-death experiencer Anne Horn was added to the purpose of life section, a link to “NDEs & The Purpose of Life” resource page was included, the introduction graphics have been re-edited, the map of Germany was updated, one typo was corrected.


Major Links Referred To In This Video

• The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF)
• How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World
• Historical & Cross-Cultural Near-Death Experiences
• Near-Death Experiences & The Purpose of Life
• Heavenly Humor
• Angels
• Dreams
• The Power of Prayer
• NDEs & Hell
• Groundhog Day
• The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth


This groundbreaking presentation weaves together life-changing insights from many NDErs and NDE researchers, including Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Jan Holden, Amy Call, Ryan Rampton, Anita Moorjani, Rachel E., Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Anne Horn, Dr. Kenneth Ring, Reinee Pasarow, Lorna Byrne, Cami Renfrow, Wesley Ray Wyatt, Amphianda Baskett, Howard Storm, Barbara Harris Whitfield, and Alon Anava. Based on over four decades of research, this one-hour presentation:

• Illustrates how many people, worldwide, are reporting NDEs

• Summarizes the work of Dr. Jeffrey Long and Dr. Jan Holden

• Discusses the ineffable and contradictory nature of NDEs

• Explains the purpose of life according to near-death experiences

• Describes how encounters with The Light and The Life Review represent two different, critically important perspectives that need to be incorporated into our lives

• Emphasizes the transformative power of humor, angelic encounters, and prayer

• Provides an overview of the core NDE truths presented in NDEs

• Includes 10 NDE-based suggestions for connecting with God

• Discusses shadow issues, and hellish and distressing near-death experiences, and provides practical suggestions for how to deal with both

• Illuminates the terrible challenges that many near-death experiencers face and describes how these crippling issues can be handled

This sweeping presentation also includes a transcript so those who are interested can study it in depth.

Download the Transcript (pdf)



Download a copy of How To Love Ourselves by David Sunfellow (pdf)


Universal Truths” consists of 88 statements that are based on the core truths found in near-death experiences from around the world.


Viewer Comments


“Absolutely the best video on NDEs! Thank you David. I will be recommending this great video on my website, to my IANDS group, to the audiences who hear my talks, and to everyone I can think of. Truly a gift to the world.”

— NDEr Nancy Clark


— NDEr Barbara Harris Whitfield

“David, what a gift this is. Beautiful, perfect! Brilliant, on many, many levels. Will post on all my sites. Thank you!”

— NDEr Carol Lynn Vengroff

“This was a really great presentation by David Sunfellow incorporating many of my favorite NDE stories — and some new ones, too. Wonderful for people who are new to NDE’s and for those who have been studying them for years.”


“A fantastic presentation created by my friend David Sunfellow. In it he explains what NDE’s mean for ALL OF US. There are many wonderful quotes from NDE’s included here, and some of my own thoughts and words are also in this presentation, as well. Fantastic work David Sunfellow! And thank you for including me in this groundbreaking, heartwarming and inspiring labor of LOVE.”

— NDEr Amphianda Etta-louise Baskett

“Congratulations, David. It’s a lovely piece of work!”

— NDEr Robert Kopecky

“Truly a labour of love there our David. Well done.”

— NDEr Dave Thaler

“Beautifully done, David! The images, the music, your voice is perfect and the message is absolutely inspiring. Thank you!”

— Shara Wyatt

“What a great gift you give us all with this wonderful work you did. I am sending it on to as many other as I can.”

— NDEr Marie Rhodes

“I have watched it and became very happy because I have been there and everything so lines up. Thank you for sharing. I even chuckled at the part where they send us back even though we don’t really want to come back — next thing you know you’re back in your body, while… saying but no, I want to stay… lol.”

— NDEr Sandra Del Castillo

“This was fantastic! Thank you for the tremendous insights!”

— @littlekelly1000 via YouTube




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listed in the order of their appearance


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Photos & Art Work

Cover Image by David Sunfellow

Upper Antelope Canyon (the background photo used in the cover image)
By Binh Pham

“Veiling of the Soul” by Freydoon Rassouli

“Contact” by Ira Ratry

“Hope” by J. Kirk Richards

Fall Tree on Beautiful Nature Images HD Background Wallpaper

Oriental Village on Full Screen HD Wallpapers

“Goddess of Earth” by guruakki

“Healing of the Blind Man” by Brian Jekel

“Missing You” by Pam Barry (coyotepam)

HBO: “Angels in America”

“Save Me – the Hand of God” by Yongsung Kim

Axe Deodorant Commercial: “Fallen Angels”

“Magic Mountain” by HP Kolb

“Fountain of Grace” by Freydoon Rassouli